‘The sublime harmony created between the Ennio Morricone-style percussion, and the heavy stringed instruments that are resonant of 2019’s Joker, brilliantly capture the balance between the protagonists’ endearing relationship; deluded perspectives, horrible crime; and regretful reality.’

Alex Taylor, Redbrick

‘Arthur’s wide-ranging, complex score elevates the limited series… At times [it] sympathizes with the idiosyncrasies that can push people to the fringes of society, at others, it shoves them further into obscurity… [his] music has brought dimension and humanity to what is so often dismissed as odd, from the comical to the tragic.’

Charles Steinberg, Composer Magazine

‘The tone shifts between Gothic and romantic, with outward-reaching thematic gestures bathed in rich harmonies… A sense of wit and playfulness underlines much of the score… with elements of mystery and dark comedy countered by touching, lyrical themes that address the Hollywood fantasies and troubled romance in the story.’

Steven A. Kennedy, Film Score Monthly

‘All trades contribute to the enlightening uncertainty in this production, but above all the chameleon-like soundtrack by Arthur Sharpe’ (translation from German)

Von Heike Hupertz, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

‘[Sharpe’s] musical compositions flit through the cinematic eras’

Daniel Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter