‘an enigmatically warbling score by Sharpe… makes better use of the theremin than any movie since “First Man”’

David Ehrlich, Indie Wire

‘there are fantasy-infused sequences of true beauty, coupled with Arthur Sharpe’s lovely-yet-sorrowful score’

Chris Evangelista, /Film

‘The soundtrack is perfect… The music is an additional character in the movie.’

Jeanine T. Abraham, Black Girl Nerds

‘a score to lift your spirits and make you forget about life’s great negativity… adds a whimsical, surreal aura even in the darkest moments… The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, alongside shows Flowers and Landscapers, seems certain to propel Sharpe’s career.’

The Film Scorer

‘Sharpe’s beautiful soundtrack also adds to this sense of otherworldliness the film instils. The music of the film perfectly captures the mood, a little strange, whimsical and full of pathos.’

Sheena Scott, Forbes

‘a bittersweet, poignant score that is equal parts traditional and unconventional. The ideal companion piece to this touching idiosyncratic story.’

Hasitha Fernando, Flickering Myth

‘beautifully discordant music’

Peg Aloi, The Arts Fuse

‘fantastic score’

Emma Badame, That Shelf

‘the melancholic yet almost alien-like score from Arthur Sharpe’

Lewis Knight, The Mirror

‘credit must also go to Arthur Sharpe’s terrific score’

Patrick Cremona, Radio Times

‘Sharpe’s theremin-heavy score is especially delightful’

Amon Warmann, Empire

‘soaring like some otherworldly violin’

Joe Morgenstern, The Wall Street Journal

‘Electricity… such a beautiful piece of music’

Edith Bowman, Soundtracking